Update, 24 April, 2015

Princess Auto just put three copies of the EFI version of the engine for a Polaris Ranger TM on sale for $1500. CDN.


I mentioned this source for Robin engines in Owning an Orphan.

He finally got back to me with a sort-of denial, but this still looks like the strongest lead available to me.


From: sawdust-ink
To: wiproducts
Subject: sawdust-ink has sent a question about item #150336060505, ending on Aug-23-10 07:48:08 PDT – Robin Subaru 18HP EH65 Engine
Sent Date: Aug-16-10 08:18:19 PDT

Dear wiproducts,

This looks like the engine for a Polaris Ranger TM, and these things by all reports are scarce. My TM has less than 400 hours on it and seems to run well, but I’d appreciate information about possible replacements for my Polaris blog. Will another Robin engine fit the same space/coupler?



Dear sawdust-ink,

Polaris and Fuji have an exclusive agreement, and the Polaris engines are not sold through the Industrial Engine distribution channel. We don’t offer the Polaris specs. Some of our engines are similar, but we do not sell them as replacements for Polaris specs.

– wiproducts

Robin Subaru 18HP EH65 Engine
Robin Subaru 18HP EH65 Engine
Item Id: 150336060505
End time: 21-Dec-10 09:48:08 EST

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