November 15, 2010. In the Canadian Tire parking lot in Smiths Falls today I saw a wheel hop off a horse trailer and follow the truck along over the speed bump before it stopped at the entrance to Service Bay 2. The driver didn’t believe me when I told him he’d lost a wheel, but he sent his wife back to check.

As he passed I had noticed the lug nuts were still in place; on the lost wheel five holes had worn through the expensive-looking alloy, but the decorative hub was still in place. I guess the short turn off the street combined with a heavy load and axle scrub to complete the destruction.

The female passenger took a look at the dead wheel and expressed great alarm, worried in retrospect about her load of horses.

I commented that she might consider a steel replacement.

The new, expensive truck-and-trailer rig shouldn’t have dropped a wheel. Scary.

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