Driving to Mosport

May 31, 2019

Our son decided that today would be the day to take his parents for rides around the track at the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park near Bowmanville. Members of the Porsche Club of Canada annually participate in a Drives for Smiles event where they invite the parents of children suffering from Down’s syndrome to the track for rides in racing cars, complete with pit crews and safety harness, but not helmets. This year PCC considered the seven-year history of the event, but ruled that there would be no passing, so the tours went in parade formation, but the cars still moved quickly around the tight track. Occasional family members and guests of the volunteer drivers did find their way into the cars along with the six hundred kids who attended.

I had only worked on Charlie’s BMW at the shop, and had never encountered it at speed. It’s the real deal on a track like Mosport. The engine is strong and the car is very light. It turns in eagerly, slides the tail out in a very controllable manner, and chases down much more powerful cars in tight corners.

Charlie responded to my comment about plotting a line through a corner before you can actually see it. “It’s more a trajectory you plan.”


We had left the dog with a sitter in Westport and hit the road in the 2014 Lexus es300h.  Earlier in the week on a round trip to Westport the car’s computer recorded 4.8 L/100 km.  That’s 58 miles per Imperial gallon, but on a limited sample size.

Today’s run up the 401 for four hours at 120 km was likely to show much higher fuel consumption than the slow wander on County Road 42.  The readout hovered at 6.0, but slowly dropped to 5.9L/100 km for the duration of the trip. 5.9 is 48 miles per imperial gallon of regular gasoline.  I think it’s 39 miles per U.S. gal.  My new VW Beetle gave us excellent gas mileage in 1973.  It got up as high as 32 miles per gallon.

They’re not making cars the way they used to. This Lexus hybrid weighs twice what the Beetle weighed, offers climate control and luxurious seating for five, yet uses substantially less fuel than the ’70s mileage icon.

One Response to “Driving to Mosport”

  1. m sok Says:

    I too had a beetle — a ’74. Fuel economy wasn’t such an issue back then, with gas around $0.50/imp gallon. So back then I was always just hoping to get some real acceleration out of it… which I’m guessing was something like 0-60 in 17 seconds. But it represented a lot of freedom at age 18 and saw a lot of miles on that 48hp engine. NO A/C, manual windows, no intermittent wipers….but who cared, it was FREEDOM!

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