It’s time for the Annual Ice-out Competition on Newboro Lake

February 25, 2017

13 April, 2017  Douglas Fyfe accepts the proffered mantle.

Jim, thank you for graciously passing of the Mantel. In this increasingly unpredictable world we live I am grateful for the constants, including Rod and his diligent efforts to keep us informed and distracted with all things ice and snow.  Of course, Newboro Lake is far from predictable –  indeed she is complicated.  I would never claim to know her secrets and any indications otherwise are simply the result of her toying with us.  I  am lucky – very lucky to have bestowed on me the honour or Ice Out winner for 2017.  More importantly, I am lucky to be able to spend quality time on Newboro lake year after year and to share in her delights with so many others.  See you all on the lake! 

Doug   (Emerald Island)


12 April, 2017  Jim Waterbury relinquishes the Mantle:

Hello Rod,

As the proud bearer of the 2016 Ice-Out Mantle I am very pleased to relinquish it to Doug.  Doug seems to have a good nose for the lake as this is the second time in 3 years he has been correct in his predictions!

Doug, I know you will bear the Mantle with grace and humility, while entertaining all onlookers with your acumen and keen insight.  Congratulations!

May 2017 be another wonderful year for all of us on the lake.


Jim Waterbury



11 April, 2017, 8:45 a.m.

There being no contrary assertions to Maggie Fleming’s report of 10 April, 2017, I hereby declare Doug Fyfe of Emerald Island the 2017 winner of the guess-the-ice-out contest for Newboro Lake.  Congratulations, Doug, and may you enjoy the all of the rights and privileges which come with this award.

Thanks to all who took the time to enter this competition and follow through its tumultuous progress.  My thoughts remain on the loss to the ice of Doug Good, a neighbour and good friend to the Rideau Lakes and Cataraqui Trail.

5:00 p.m., 10 April, 2017.  

Maggie Fleming of Newboro has just announced that the ice is out of Newboro Lake.

A look at the remaining entries shows Doug Fyfe of Emerald Island (2015 winner) with his selection of April 8th as the likely winner, as I have no other remaining contestants but Dr. Roz Dakin (2014 winner) on April 14th.

Due diligence requires a delay to allow news of a remaining section of ice of an area greater than 100 square feet remaining in some isolated bay, though I see little need for an inspection voyage in the Judge’s Launch this year.  Perhaps it’s time for Jim to prepare to hand the mantle on to Doug, who will no doubt offer an acceptance speech befitting the solemnity of this grand occasion.

Feel free to post any parting thoughts here, Mr. Waterbury.

If no one reports an ice floe on Newboro Lake by 8:00 a.m. Tuesday, April 11th, I shall declare Doug Fyfe the 2017 winner of bragging rights for the season on Newboro Lake.

Past-winners of the Newboro Lake Ice-out Guessing Competition

2016: Jim Waterbury  (current holder of the bragging-rights mantle)

2015: Doug Fyfe

2014  Dr. Roslyn Dakin

2013   Louise Pritchard

2012  George Kitching


To the winner of this competition passes the mantle of Ice-Master/Mistress of the Lake, with all of the bragging rights and free-beverage privileges which go with it, until the mantle again passes on at the conclusion of the 2018 competition.


Entries may only be made by posting comments at the end of this post with the entrant’s first and last name and the geographical area of the Lake each has chosen to represent, and of course the date in 2017 on which the entrant predicts that judges and volunteers will no longer be able to find a patch of floating ice of greater than 100 square feet in surface area on Newboro Lake.

As usual, the dates are on a first-posted basis.  If someone double-posts on an already-taken date, the moderator will void the second entry, using the date stamp of the message software to establish priority.  The moderator will make a reasonable attempt to notify any thwarted aspirants to a particular date, but entrants would do well to read the comments section of this post religiously.

Emails to Rod with dates, or postings to the Ice Observations Page will not be accepted as entries this year.

Contest entries will be accepted until 11:59 P.M. on March 15, 2017, so beware the ides of March.


17 Responses to “It’s time for the Annual Ice-out Competition on Newboro Lake”

  1. Tom Stutzman Says:

    29 March please. Stout’s Lower Bay. Wishful thinking, perhaps, but does anyone have a problem with pushing it?

  2. Mark Moyle Says:

    Okay, with the current weather conditions it’s gotta be near end of March. Let’s say the 25th.
    Mark Moyle, McKaskill Island
    Good luck to all!!

  3. strangebirds (Roslyn Dakin) Says:

    April 14. It’s going to go out with a flourish!

  4. Peter Frey Says:

    Hi Rod
    After great debate Kathy and I have decided to choose April1 for ice out even though we may be fools. Lol
    Peter and Kathy
    Grass Point
    Newboro Lake

  5. Rod Croskery Says:

    After due deliberation I have decided to enter this year’s competition with a view to winning it. Basing my date selection upon the proven wild-ass-guessing ability of my learned daughter-in-law, combined with the wise consideration, long observation and history of near-misses of Peter and Kathy Frey, I’ll split the difference and choose April 7th as this year’s ice-out date.

    Rod Croskery, Young’s Hill, overlooking Forfar to the south, the Bog to the west, and Bob Rae’s cottage to the north. Drone photos, eh?

  6. Diane Strangfeld Roth Says:

    March 27 – Lorraine Strangfeld’s 95 birthday. Mom has enjoyed Newboro’s shores now for 50+ years, so my choice is in her honor. And now the next gens continue – children, grand-children and great-grands; nieces/nephews and their next gens too! Ice Cream cones at the Opinion for us all – if 3/27 becomes this year’s summer season kick-off.

    Spring is just around the corner
    Diane Strangfeld Roth
    Swallows Lane, Newboro

  7. kim butler Says:

    For a newbie I will go for April 2, no April fools for me!! (The new house on Rocky Point, Newboro Lake.)

  8. Chip Strangfeld Says:

    We’ll try April 4th!

    Chip and Kathi, next to Rick’s Island on Newboro Lake

  9. Keith Cauwenberghs – Swallows Lane Says:

    Once again we hope for an early Ice Out so we choose April 5th. We can’t wait to get back to enjoy the lake and the cottage!

  10. Jim Waterbury Says:

    I’m guessing it will be early again this year so I’ll try for March 30th.

    Jim Waterbury
    Lewis Island, Newboro Lake

  11. John Says:

    As we will be in France for the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge and we don’t get back until April 17th I will pick the 18th of April so I might still have a shot at the “First Boot on McCaskill Island” trophy but I think Mark Moyle will get it again this year, having said that now that Kohar is retired she is camping out at the end of the Township dock. I think she is already there.

  12. Brian Parish Says:

    Brian Parish from Swallows Cottages.

    After much deliberation I give up and will just guess that the ice will be out on March 31.

  13. Doug W. Says:

    Looks like April 6 is still available. Sounds about right with the recent cold spell.

    Doug Welch from Breezy Point

  14. Peter Frey Says:

    Just a quick note . People are reported going through the ice in the area. One on Buck lake. And two missing on Big Rideau.

  15. John Geers Says:

    Hello from Cherry Island. As April 3rd is still available and we are having another cold spell, that will be my choice.

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