Ruby’s trailer hitch

August 23, 2016



I’ll never belittle a factory-installed trailer hitch option again.  Sure, 1D6 Trailer Hitch without Ball cost $2110. and had never been used.   But I ran Ruby up the hoist, backed the four screws out of the cover plate, and slid in a 7 pin hitch adapter from

Next I slid a 7 to 4 pin adapter onto the wires from my fishing boat trailer and hooked it up.  Everything worked except the right tail-light on the trailer.  The wires were too short to turn right, though.  As I got ready to lengthen the wires I noticed a pinch which had broken the green wire.  An hour of splicing later, everything was set.

I started the car and the dash warned:  “Check your trailer lights!”  This icon wasn’t going away, so I got out, checked the lights, and returned.  Ruby was satisfied with this and gave back the normal dashboard display.  Next time I started the engine it was the same scenario, but I discovered I could outwit my nanny by simply opening and closing the door.

At the minimum a thousand-dollar premium for a gee-whiz warning on the dashboard?    If the hitch is only to carry a couple of bikes, the sophisticated wiring and heavy-duty hitch aren’t worth it, but with the 20′ car hauler sitting next to the garage, the hitch package may provide real value.

*My son has assured me that Ruby will still need a separate brake controller to handle a trailer with electric brakes, but I have found online that the wiring, complete with a four-pin connector, is neatly tucked into a nook just above the parking brake pedal.

Sold by:, Inc.
CDN$ 17.84
Sold by:, Inc.
CDN$ 25.48

One Response to “Ruby’s trailer hitch”

  1. Tom Stutzman Says:

    I’m anxious to try out the factory installed and never used tow package on Pearl, our 2010 Toyota Highlander. I bought new hitch balls at Princess Auto the other day.

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