A trailer repair mystery

May 1, 2016


Notice the new wheels on the old lumber trailer?  I added two which I bought in 1980 or so and then forgot in the haymow.  The mission to recover them from the now-derelict building was a bit more fraught than I would have expected.  The floor of the upper level has separated from the rock foundation by almost two feet and settled, so I had to squeeze in through a pair of doors trapped by a foot of stone and find my footing on an unsupported floor inside.

As I gathered my wits after that endeavour, one of the resident turkey vultures decided not to sit through my intrusion and leaped into the air from the bare floor of the hay mow to my right.  She looked HUGE in a confined area as the startled bird struggled up above the main beams, then glided down and out through the open door at the far end. 

Now I have a pair of turkey vultures with a grudge hovering even lower over me than usual whenever I go outside.

Earlier in the day a mystery egg turned up on the grass below the barn.  It had obviously been transported there, but only partially eaten.  The egg was larger than a chicken’s Grade A, and seemed a bit “squarer” than the ovoid domestic product.


Logic indicates the egg was likely purloined from the nest of the neighbourhood wild turkey, though the lack of spots suggests a duck, but I’m pretty sure if a mallard were nesting in the barn I would have seen her flying in and out.  But maybe that vulture was feeding, rather than tending a clutch of eggs in the abandoned building.


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