Canada Tea

March 10, 2016

10 March, 2016

20160310_102839 (1)

It’s a ritual during sugar season.  Tea never tastes as good as it does when the bag is doused with boiling sap obtained by turning the spigot on the main pan.  Visitors who discovered this unique taste experience dubbed it “Canada Tea.”

For more details about sugar season at the Croskery Woodlot, see the page to your right entitled “A Few Notes From the Sugar Bush ’16.”

BTW:  This is an entirely recreational activity.  We do not sell syrup, though my neighbour George Sheffield on the Thousand Acres Road does.  You can find his number in the Portland directory.




2 Responses to “Canada Tea”

  1. Don Says:

    Hi Rod Don from Kingston. Want some pork chops…

    Need some help with sap?

    613 532 7989

    • rodcros Says:


      Good to hear from you. So far the sap hasn’t run, but things may improve after the weekend’s big freeze. I still talk about those pork chops cooked on the end of the arch. Best I’ve ever eaten.

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