The Seventh Annual Newboro Lake Ice-out Contest

March 6, 2016

In closing I’d like to offer a special thanks to Geordie Kitching for his advice and encouragement in the administration of this contest.


1 April, 2016   7th Annual Newboro Lake Ice-out Contest winner responds:

Hello Rod,

It is with great humility that I accept the bragging rights mantle for this year.  During my tenure I will endeavor to keep my swaggering to a minimum, my sage advice to myself and the air clear of smug self–satisfaction.  Please note however, the auspicious date on which I accept this great honor.

Now, with that out of the way:  thanks Rod for organizing, updating and officiating the Ice Report and Ice-In / Ice-out contests.  I really enjoy following the posts throughout the winter.  I’m looking forward to exercising my “rights” this summer!

Best regards,

Jim Waterbury


31 March, 2016  5:50 p.m.

5:44 p.m.  Jim Waterbury of Lewis Island selected March 31st as his entry in the contest, and subject to overwhelming evidence that an ice floe has continued on Newboro Lake past sundown today, I hereby declare him this year’s winner.

Congratulations, Jim.


2016 Ice-Out Contest entries will be accepted up until 11:59, Saturday, March 12.


Has it been eight years since the first Walnut Diary posts about putting in Tony’s dock?

The first attempt at guessing the ice-out date followed in the 2009 to 2010 season.

Okay, enough maudlin stuff.  Let’s get to the action.  What you want to know here is where you need to post your comment in order to register for your favourite date.

Click the COMMENT button at the bottom of this post and key in your details.  Entries will come to me in the order they enter the email cue, so if there’s duplication, the earlier missive will prevail.  If the date immediately following the duplicate entry is still available, I’ll assign it to #2, and so on, if space permits.  I reserve the right to ask you by email to select another date if no obvious solution to an overlap presents itself.

Of course this means that you must familiarize yourself with your opponents’ entries at the bottom of this page before you cast your own into the fire, so in your comment I’d like to see a usable name of at least two words, a geographical reference, and of course your chosen date for ice-out.  I will edit comments which look as though they have been keyed in bright sunlight.

Unless someone has a better idea, I see no reason to depart from the basic criterion for ice-out of no patch of floating ice of an area greater than 100 square feet on Newboro Lake, Ontario.

It’s good to be back.  Let the contest begin. 



19 Responses to “The Seventh Annual Newboro Lake Ice-out Contest”

  1. Keith Cauwenberghs Says:

    I am going to pick April 1st. Very hard to pick this year with the craziest weather we have experienced to date.

    Keith Cauwenberghs – Swallows Lane

  2. Tom Says:

    Please put me down for April 4th. 🌊 Tom Stutzman, Scott Island.

  3. Audrey Waterbury Romasco Says:

    I’ll guess Easter, March 27. Audrey Waterbury Romasco, Hopkins Island

  4. Jim Waterbury, Lewis Island Says:

    I’ll say March 31st. With the warmer weather this winter, the ice appears to be kind of thin.

  5. Chip Strangfeld (on the two small islands connected by a bridge just north of Rick's Is.) Says:

    How about April 2nd?

  6. Kien Says:

    Please put me down for April 3rd. Kien Lamson, Bob’s Island.

  7. Brian Parish Says:

    Brian from Swallows Cottages

    Please put me down for April 5

  8. John Lee Says:

    March 24th, John Lee, McCaskill Island.

  9. pete Says:

    Please put me down for April 7

    pete frey grass point

  10. Doug Welch Says:

    Wednesday, March 30th. Doug Welch, Breezy Point

  11. Geordie Kitching Says:

    My guess is 23 March

  12. Ken Snyder Says:

    Ken, Put me down for April 6th! Cherry Island

  13. Doug Fyfe Says:

    From Doug Fyfe or Emerald Island – please put me down for March 29.

  14. Rush Cahall Says:

    I choose March 26. Rush Cahall, Fingerboard Island

  15. Mark moyle Says:

    I will have to go with April 8th, but still hoping I don’t win. It would be nice to see water in March!

    Mark Moyle, McCaskill Island, North Shore

  16. Diane Strangfeld Roth Says:

    March 28. Diane Strangfeld Roth, Swallows Lane

  17. Stephen wasteneys Says:

    I haven’t been up to the lake to make any observations but I’ll pick the 25th of March .
    This must be the shortest winter in my lifetime !
    Thanks, Stephen Wasteneys , Holder island

  18. rodcros Says:

    Kohar Polimenakos has tentatively selected March 22nd as her entry.

  19. Keith Cauwenberghs Says:

    Congratulations to Jim Waterbury! I picked April 1st and it it figures I would be only 1 day off. I guess I was an “April Fool” so to speak! Thanks also to Rod for doing this year after year. Hopefully when we are up to the cottage we could meet so I can say thank you in person!

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