Getting ready for the Ice-Out Contest DEADLINE

March 5, 2016

Any suggestions regarding rules, timing, awards, or anything else?  I’ll try to put the announcement together within the next 24 hours, so any burning issues?


9 March, 2016, 1:21 p.m.

At the suggestion of  Geordie Kitching I have given thought to a deadline for entries into this competition.

If I close off entries at the time change, it will throw a slight advantage to those who have actually endured the ice rather than to returning Snowbirds whose lucky choices have so far enabled them to avoid same.

So let’s do that:  2016 Ice-Out Contest entries will be accepted up until 11:59, Saturday, March 12.

Mr. Kitching further suggested that for subsequent years a deadline for entries in late January would demand more of the punters.  Further input on this is welcome.

Rod Croskery

The Walnut Diary (Host)


5 Responses to “Getting ready for the Ice-Out Contest DEADLINE”

  1. Keith Cauwenberghs Says:

    Maybe the winner should have a picture of themselves posted on the site. We all usually recognize the name but we may not actually know the person by sight! Just a suggestion! Let the fun begin!

  2. George Kitching Says:

    Rod, you laid out the rules … except for one .. deadline for contest submissions … ?Thanks, GK

    • rodcros Says:

      You’re quite right. At first I had the phrase, “I’ll post a deadline for contest submissions as soon as Mr. Kitching tells me what it should be.” Then I thought better of it and decided to wait.

      Do you have a suggested date to close off entries?

      • Geordie Kitching Says:

        Rod, as you are doing all the work and you host it …it is entirely your prerogative … I would just note … that the earlier the guessing contest takes place … the greater the challenge … so you may want to consider in a future year possibly holding a two week open contest period in mid January. Different topic … I’m sure you have many followers who would love to read more about maple sugaring, the steps, the process, the good, the bad and the ugly etc … maybe you have done this already. Cheers, GK

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