Lunch at the Canalside Coffee Shop

February 13, 2016

This morning Dave Brown posted this message on Chaffey’s Locks Rocks, a popular Facebook chat page:

OK folks, I know this is the coldest day we’ve had by far this year, but we need to get bundled up and head to downtown Chaffey’s Lock. Why? Because the Canalside Coffee shop, located in the Chaffey’s Hall, is open today from 9am to 2pm and I’m pretty sure Karen could use a little extra marketing to get people motivated to make the effort on a day like this. She has all the usual specialty coffees, and the menu today is hearty sausage and kale soup, fresh home made bread, fresh carrot muffins and cookies. She also has a variety of board games, and free WiFi! See you there?

So we cleaned off and warmed up the car  (-18F ) and made our way to Chaffey’s for a winter lunch.  Neither Bet nor I had seen the Hall since the renovations, so we enjoyed the room as our soup, coffee, fresh homemade rye bread and blueberry muffin were prepared.

Fellow lunchers seemed also to have responded to Dave’s summons, and we enjoyed a fine soup, superb coffee, and a most agreeable ambiance.

The sign on the door indicates the Canalside Coffee Shop is open every Saturday this winter from 9:00 to 2:00.

There aren’t very many lunch destinations in our area which appeal to our palate, and Canalside has lept up the list with a single bowl of soup.


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