Ice Report: Winter of 2015-16

December 10, 2015

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10 December, 2015

As usual I’ll begin the annual ice report as a “post,” then transfer it to a “page” with an “a” in the title so that will appear at the top of the alphabetical list of the pages to the right of this screen.

For now, please stay here.

It’s been quite a fall with the federal election, but winter seems reluctant to arrive.  Today I measured the water temperature on Newboro Lake at 40.6 degrees F., and 41 F at the Elbow.

Tony and I decided to drop our fishing boats in for a last fling at the bass because the season closes December 15th.  Other years we have struggled out onto the early ice in an effort to cheat the season and get a meal of largemouth fillets.

Tony landed three nice ones over two expeditions and had a series of remote releases this morning, as well.

I drowned minnows around the lake, but couldn’t find anything with fins which would even consider my bait.  There seemed to be lots of pike on the screen of the depth finder (either pike or long weeds, suspended at 12 to 20′, but they wouldn’t bite, either.  Tony claims he found his fish at 8 to 10′, but he was fishing (unsuccessfully) in 3′ of water in a bay when I spoke to him.  Claimed it was warmer in there out of the wind.

Anyway, if you were dressed for it, it was a lovely fall day on Newboro Lake today, and I don’t think we’ll see ice for a bit.

Welcome back.


UPDATE:  11 December, 2015

Don’t miss the ice-in contest post, also on this site.


2 Responses to “Ice Report: Winter of 2015-16”

  1. Tom Stutzman Says:

    Given the mild weather, how about an “ice-in” contest? Winner is entrant who guessed the date on which no open water can be seen when standing at the Newboro Public dock. LOL

  2. Dave Grummett Says:

    Solid 6″ of ice 50′ offshore Lower Rideau Lake, across from Briggs island. 5′ of water

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