If you’re an auto data fan, this is for you.

December 10, 2015


Canadian Vehicle Use Study Participant Report

A few months ago a letter from the Ministry of Transport of Canada requested that I participate in a study of the operation of my 2002 Toyota Tacoma.  They’d send me along a computer to hook to the plug on the truck and it would record its data for three weeks and then I would send it back to them.

Somebody had just offered me a new measuring gadget, and also something I could plug into my truck!  Of course I’d play with the new toy!

Mind you, I hardly ever drive the Tacoma.  It’s fourth on the depth chart, behind the Lexus, the Scion, and a personal favourite, the Ranger UTV. The truck covers fishing trips and visits to local farms.  If it’s on the highway, there’s usually a trailer attached.

I was far from sure that the Ministry of Transport would be interested in my drive from one shed to another with a trailer-load of lumber, or even the expedition down the back road to the saw mill with three logs on same trailer.

Anyway, the results package arrived today in a 12-page PDF.  In a nutshell, the truck runs very well for its age, and quite efficiently, once it’s warm.

Have a look if you like.




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