Maple Leaf Foods wants to recruit Syrian refugees.

November 19, 2015

Embassy Magazine had a spread this morning on Maple Leaf’s need for unionized staff for its massive pork-processing plants across Canada.  (Peter Mazereeuw, Embassy News, 19/11/15)

Pigs are unclean to Muslims*.  Anybody who would deign to take a job in a slaughterhouse processing pigs would not be a Muslim.  On the other hand there’s no reason why Syrian Christians might not apply for the jobs.

Update, Jan. 8, 2016

Maple Leaf Foods offers to hire Syrian refugees at plants in Manitoba, Alberta

*The key additions to the information above were: 1)  Maple Leaf was hit hard by the ban on temporary foreign workers last year, and 2)  while Muslims may not eat pork, there’s no problem with handling pigs and pig carcasses.  I was wrong about that.



3 Responses to “Maple Leaf Foods wants to recruit Syrian refugees.”

  1. So what is the point of this post?

    • rodcros Says:


      I’m not quite sure, but the incongruity of Maple Leaf’s announcement left me wondering what they were up to. Maple Leaf has a history of media-savy public relations responses to crises.

      So what do you think of recruiting meat-processing plant workers from among Syrian refugees?


  2. Gary

    Not a problem! Not all people of a religious denomination follow the strict rules of their faith. All Catholics don’t eat fish on Friday. Some Jews eat pork. Some Muslims eat non Halal food. If you are a new refugee in Canada and need a job, maybe Maple Leaf Foods is a good place to work.


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