November 10, 2015

6:47 a.m.

Still shaking my head about the light show this morning. Sure, there were the usual red streaks on the horizon, but that wasn’t it. They seemed further away than usual. In the foreground from an upstairs window I saw the usual lights of Forfar bracketed by bands of low ground fog. But two bright orbs glowed in the middle of my field a significant distance toward our house from the hamlet.

I checked from three different windows on the second story and the same position applied. Downstairs I ducked for binoculars to examine these fairies. From the my kitchen window the bright star in the field turned out to be a yard light in Forfar. The other was the street light beside the Cheese Factory.

Somehow rapidly cooling air on a still morning had refracted the view of Forfar into a narrow band, with just those two lights moved further down than the others. Five minutes later everything was back to normal.

No wonder sunrises fascinate landscape painters.

There’s no way a snapshot could illustrate these refractive tricks. Instead I dug out another of the same scene. It becomes a bit more interesting if you blow it up to examine the village lights. Sorry about the dirty lens.



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