Trudeau’s Long March

October 7, 2015

Columnists have looked around for a cultural figure to whom to compare Justin Trudeau in this campaign. I would suggest the former Chinese teacher Mao Tse Tung provides the most useful exemplar. Mao’s long march occurred as a defensive measure to avoid Deng Xia Ping’s Amercian-supplied air force. Mao took to the countryside in the north of China and spent two years staying alive and growing support among the Chinese peasantry. The harder Deng tried to destroy him, the larger the crowd on Mao’s long march.

Mao’s early story stands with the other heroic epics as an archetype of intelligent strategy in the face of overwhelming opposition. Critics called Trudeau’s comment about his admiration of Chinese leadership an unplanned gaffe. They may have been wrong.


I’m looking forward to Trudeau’s battle with the companies which administer the offshore tax havens. I think he’s looking to harvest income tax from the offshore tax cheats whom Harper has gone to considerable lengths to protect.

Trudeau’s “make the richest 1% pay a bit more” is code for going after tax cheats, and it is resonating with salaried Canadians (with no way to avoid taxes) every bit as much as Harper’s coded racism appeals to the xenophobes among us.

Harper originally invoked “Greece” to put down Trudeau’s deficit projections, but has eased off that gambit. The biggest cause of Greece’s bankruptcy has been its culture of tax avoidance, and as Uber driver and Angry Conservative Earl Cowan says, “You idiot! Stephen Harper doesn’t read income tax forms!”


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