VS Kingston Toyota: signal light flasher

September 28, 2015

A tight turn and inattention produced a pronounced burning-electrical smell in my truck’s cabin today, and the failure of the signal lights. I deduced that I had cooked the signal light flasher and called Kingston Toyota to inquire if they had one in stock.

When the timer on my computer indicated that I had been on hold for five minutes, I hung up and tried again. This time I spoke to a parts clerk. After I twice told him the year and model of the truck, he told me the flasher would be $131.00. “It’s in Tennessee and it should be here in two weeks.” He did give me the part number, though.

I typed the part number into Google, received a page full of responses, then selected RockAuto, a favourite online parts site located somewhere in the United States.
Turns out this flasher fits virtually every Tacoma of that era. They offered that part number at the clearance price of 7.51 USD (2 left). With exchange and shipping and 13% Ontario Sales Tax the bill comes to $24.11 CDN, conveniently payable from my bank account just like the hydro bill. Delivery in 2 to 12 days. The transaction took less time than I had spent on hold with Kingston Toyota.

No wonder Internet shopping is taking over: online vendors try harder.


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