The plight of the Conservative campaign volunteer

September 7, 2015

At the beginning of the campaign the big problem in Eastern Ontario was the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations. It was common knowledge that milk quota would be on the block if Canada were to make any headway. Everyone wanted to wait until after the election, but Obama threw his weight around and here we were, no longer trusted by our staunchest and wealthiest supporters, the dairy farmers. Fortunately the deal fell apart over auto parts, or we would have been in big trouble.

And then the trial started. I mean, what’s a guy to do? Knock on a door two weeks ago and all I’d hear was Duffy this and Duffy that. Then this week that poor little Syrian kid’s picture hit the front pages and nobody could think about anything else.

To make matters worse, CBC’s Rosie Barton bit a huge chunk out of Immigration Minister Chris Alexander when he tried to fudge his way through a panel discussion on refugees. Who would have thought that a harmless looking lady who can’t keep order in a panel discussion would have such sharp teeth and a killer instinct? Harper and Alexander both went into hiding for a bit after that one.

It didn’t help when a newsreel showed a protest sign claiming that Syrian dictator Assad had killed 220,000 Syrians and ISS had only killed 200. It looked as though Harper’s been bombing the wrong side.

And now Justin Trudeau’s calling for an all party, non-political meeting to plan a coordinated strategy on the Syrian refugee crisis. Yeah, right. So he can look like the statesman. Fat chance that meeting will happen.

Even worse, word’s out that our Conservative candidates aren’t giving interviews. Michelle Rempel seems to have the TV screens to herself these days.

Gord Brown managed to get his picture taken with Mr. Harper in a Tim Horton’s in Gananoque, but all that made the news was Harper’s gaffe: “Don’t let me near the cash.” Not a lot of help there.

At least Gord’s newsletters aren’t getting him into trouble the way Lanark MP Scott Reid’s are, thankfully. Back in 2012 Scott sent out an anti-refugee questionnaire on a ten per-center, and in the context of the pro-refugee sentiment after the toddler’s picture on the beach, it looks pretty racist.

Reid’s newsletter concluded with a survey, as usual.

Should refugees get gold-plated dental, vision, and drug benefits?
__ No! It isn’t fair to give better benefits to refugees than Canadians.
__ Yes! Give refugees better government benefits than Canadian citizens.

It was dumb, but apparently the PMO believes that this sort of thing plays well to their base.

But then the survey made it into a news article by Ryan Maloney in Huffington Post Canada on September 4th. Maloney had also found a 2012 newsletter from Saskatchewan MP and Parliamentary Secretary Kelly Block which went even further:

The end of unfair benefits for refugee claimants.
Working hard for you. Kelly Block, M.P. Ending unfair benefits for refugee claimants.
New arrivals to Canada have received dental and vision care paid by your tax dollars. They’ve had free prescriptions. Not anymore.

What do you think?
__ I agree with Kelly Block! Newcomers don’t deserve more benefits than Canadians.
__ I disagree! Refugee claimants should get dental, vision and pharmacare even if I don’t.

And then this spring that idiot Paul Calandra from Markham weighed in again, making all refugees out to be liars:

Personal Survey
What level of health care benefits do you believe the government should provide to failed and fraudulent refugee claimants?
__ The same coverage as average Canadians receive through provincial health insurance.
__ Extended coverage such as dental, eye care, and prescription medication that many Canadians do not have access to.
__ FAILED refugee claimants should receive no publicly-funded health care benefits.

Then someone at CBC found Maloney’s article and ran it unsigned on 6 September as their own work. Talk about bottom-feeders.

But that wasn’t a patch on the bomb they let off on The National Sunday night.

One war room or the other found an old CBC Marketplace surveillance film about an appliance repairman urinating into a coffee mug in a client’s kitchen, then rinsing it out and putting it back on the rack. Turns out the guy, Jerry Bance, had run for the Tories in two elections, and was a candidate in this one until the film came out at 9:00. He was off the slate at 9:05, I’ll tell you.

What I wonder is how long those guys have been sitting on that film, and why they brought it out right now? Yeah, our team wheeled out those tweets that young Liberal candidate in Calgary wrote when she was in her teens. She apologized and resigned, and that was it. But she was a teenaged girl at the time. Jerry Bance is a three times-nominated Conservative federal candidate. And he’s taken down in a crooked-appliance-repair sting. That’s just dirty. How am I supposed to talk that away at the door?

Maybe all we can do is keep quiet and put in more road signs. We’re getting really good at mounting the larger ones now, with an extra-long picket way down in the ditch and the other one up on the shoulder of the road.



One Response to “The plight of the Conservative campaign volunteer”

  1. Tom Says:

    In reporting the story this morning, CBC radio mentioned Mr. Harper’s name adnausium, not so subtlety suggesting that it was somehow Harper who tinkled in the coffee cup. Terrible journalism, but then, I’m used to it south of the border.

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