The Butterfly Effect

June 3, 2015

Eric Grenier’s polls show a very close and unpredictable election on October 15th.  With Canada’s first-past-the-post voting system he suggests that the outcome may depend upon a butterfly effect, with mere handfuls of votes swinging the outcome in favour of any one of the three main parties.

The fluttering wings in this election might well belong to the Canadian Firearms Association and their concerns about surveillance.  While progressives believe they have a monopoly on resistance to C-51, the original Reform base, the “Back off, Government!” rural landowners, could move to fringe candidates on the right in large enough numbers to split the Conservative vote in close races.  Remember the Kill-the-Firearms-Registry movement?  How are those core Harper supporters going to like Bill C-51, the law which takes their rights away?

It might be a good time to run as a Libertarian in a lot of rural ridings.


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