The Chong Show

May 31, 2015

Michael Chong appeared on CTV’s Question Period recently in conjunction with his private member’s bill which appears stuck in Senate until it dies on the order paper with the election call.

I’d never seen this fellow interviewed before.  It immediately became obvious why he was a first-round cabinet pick for Stephen Harper, and as I watched him in debate it became even more obvious why he quit the job out of principle.

Somebody should do a pre-election poll which tracks the relative positions of the three main parties if Michael Chong were to replace Stephen Harper as the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.  Chong, an apparently idealistic, moderate conservative, might well draw a lot of voters back to the blue tent after Mike Harris and Stephen Harper stole their party from them.

UPDATE, 24 June, 2015

The Senate passed Chong’s bill into law.  Good.


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