The Canadian Police Association: charity or scam?

March 4, 2015

The Canadian Police Association

Dear Sir:

I hold power of attorney for my mother, Mrs. Edna Croskery, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. She has been disturbed of late by repeated calls from the Canadian Police Association requesting contributions. They won’t take no for an answer. These calls have upset her.

My wife on Feb 2, 2015 intercepted one of these calls, confronted the operator and extracted a promise to make no more calls to 613-272-2***. Today in the mail, dated Feb 2, 2015, was a colourful demand for payment of a pledge for $50.00, entitled “Bullying in Schools.” The irony of the letter did not amuse.

I made a number of attempts to penetrate the telephone fortress but was unable to contact an operator at the Canadian Police Association.

Please consider this note your notification that on behalf of Mrs. Croskery I will not be honouring pledge #492***61, and you should be ashamed of a business model which condones this kind of harassment.


Rod Croskery, M.Ed.

UPDATE 20 August, 2015

Definitely a scam. Another automated call came at mealtime today. I answered and after a delay a male with an Indian accent went into his spiel about Mom’s previous donations. I unloaded on the guy pretty well. My accusation of harassment of an Alzheimer’s sufferer meant nothing to him. Only when I told him that my mother no longer lives here did he apologize and hang up.

According to the Internet, the Canadian Police Association is a lobby group with Conservative ties. It seems its fundraising is subcontracted offshore as well, and preying upon the elderly is its standard practice.

A plague on them.


2 Responses to “The Canadian Police Association: charity or scam?”

  1. Olwen Lymburner Says:

    I have also received a phone call from someone calling for donations to the CPA with regard to an anti-bullying campaigne. when i said i would call the CPA directly he got quite pushy. I repeated what I said, said good bye, & hung up. I found some info online about this but it was in Vernon and in 2015. I live in Alberta. I tried to email the CPA but couldn’t find an email address. This is not the way to get donations. I felt it was a scam because of the way the caller conducted himself. There needs to be something reported to the media so the word can be put out.

  2. Andrew Says:

    Register your phone number(s) on the Canadian no call list. Violators are subject to heavy fines by the federal government.

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