Dimitri Soudas as Enigma

February 12, 2015

In the mind of the media Dimitri Soudas has become Trudeau’s captured Enigma machine.

Information derived from cracking the Enigma code (when Germany didn’t know it) won Churchill the war. Of course the Harper camp is fully aware of the Dimitrieve situation, so Trudeau’s main tactical advantage will likely lie in the amount of effort the Tories have to make to cover their tracks. This may well ensure that there will be no early election call, if Harper was ever thinking of one. The threat of electoral dirty tricks from the Conservative War Room may have been blunted somewhat.

The question in every political junkie’s mind is how effectively will JT use this intelligence bonanza?

Notice the subtle shift in columnists’ attitudes over the last week: the election is again Trudeau’s to lose, and Eve Adams’ previously risable attempt to win a Liberal nomination has turned into a David and Goliath battle against the towering Joe Oliver.


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