Eve Adams bails for Trudeau’s Camp

February 9, 2015

I just watched a live press conference where Justin Trudeau introduced the latest defector to the Liberal camp, Eve Adams. Wow! Of all of the idiotic things for a leader to do…

My first impression was that JT is nuts to let this hot potato anywhere near the LPC. But then I thought he was crazy to get into that boxing ring, too. There’s no doubt Eve Adams gets a lot of attention from TV cameras, and if she has it in for Harper, JT can continue with his sunny ways while she does the dirty work.

Trudeau has promised to take the high road, specifically not to run attack ads. But with Eve primed and ready for every camera which comes by with her story of her flight from the horrible Conservatives, he’ll have a walking, talking, free attack ad to knock Harper off message whenever he wants it. Somewhere down the road there’ll be a nomination meeting which she may or may not win.

In the meantime, ski while there’s snow, Justin.

Adams was surprisingly articulate in her dissection of income splitting this morning at the presser. If her two-minute lecture before the cameras makes it to the national news, income splitting is dead as a campaign plank.

And she’s sorta the horse’s mouth, eh?

Who knows what dirt Dimitri Soudas will dig up to help Eve along, too?

Update: 10:31 a.m.

Turns out Harper shuffled his cabinet today. Who knew? I wonder which faces will be above the fold in tomorrow’s papers, Harper, Poilievre and Kenney or Trudeau and Adams?


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