Why Not II: a tractor’s no good without implements.

December 25, 2014


The sled project began as a set of skis and a snowmobile hitch and tongue. In an earlier life I built a mini-hayrack on it in the mistaken belief that it would be useful for cargo behind the 1976 Alpine. Turned out the Alpine came with an automotive trailer hitch as well as the snowmobile variety, so for cargo I simply pulled the utility trailer on which it rode between expeditions. The thing was way too much of a brute for a dinky little caboose like this. The utility trailer normally worked well, though we ran into a little problem once on Newboro Lake. Check out The Heroic Winter Assault on Scott Island at the bottom of the page for details.

The existing body was too short for my 35 lb. power ice auger, so I began modifications. The hitch height was 8″ too low, as well, so Peter Myers fabricated a new tongue and I added some length.


Then came sides, a pair of 12″ pine boards. In an effort to reduce weight, though, I fabricated a pair of lightweight doors from scrap pine and pieces of 1/4″ plywood I found in my shop. Then I raided a box of cabinet hinges I’d bought on eBay for fasteners.

Tremclad yellow seemed a reasonable match for the Ski-Doo palette, so I rolled a half-gallon onto available wooden surfaces, the skis, the floor, and my clothes.



With the doors removed the sled should handle sap collection duties in March as well.

Now all we need is snow.



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