Newboro Lake froze last night.

November 19, 2014

UPDATE: You’ll find this year’s ongoing ice report near the top of the column on the right of the page. Please contribute your observations as other readers consume them eagerly.

After a very quiet fall my inbox jolted to life this morning with urgent messages regarding the new ice.

Competition is already warming up for the ice-out contest, but the most interesting addition to Maggie Fleming’s email chain this morning has to be from Stephen Wasteneys, who thinks his brother Hardolph might now be trapped at the cottage by the ice.

The Len’s Cove camera is now in a new location, so you may wish to check out this link:

Update 9:20 a.m.

Stephen Wasteneys commented:

(My brother) is on Holder island. I just spoke with him and that part of the lake is still wide open so it is probably just the harbour where it is sheltered that has frozen.

He said the high winds of the last few days have significantly cooled the lake off however and with the right conditions it will go. He still has a few more days work up there, so hopefully it won’t ….




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