Speaking of jobs no one wants:

July 18, 2014

If there is one job I would not want, it’s that of food taster to defrocked Canadian Senator Mike Duffy. This week Duffy has faced 31 criminal charges relating to bribery, breach of trust, and fraud, most stemming from his creative use of senate expense accounts and office expenditures.

The most notable issue has to do with a $91,000 cheque from PMO chief Nigel Wright to Duffy to enable him to pay back housing expenses declared invalid by the auditors. RCMP investigators have paradoxically deemed that awarding the $91,000 to Duffy was not a bribe, but Duffy’s receiving the payment was, they allege, bribery.

Canadian journalists and even Conservative MP’s are still slack-jawed about this one. But through-the-looking-glass logic also turns up in Bill C-36, the new prostitution legislation to replace the old laws struck down by the Supreme Court. In C-36 it is not a crime for a prostitute to receive payment for sexual services, but it’s a crime to make the payment. I think it makes more sense if you read the bill in a mirror.

Ottawa prostitutes mentioned to media Thursday that they find this one pretty hilarious, as a lot of MP’s are regular customers. They’re talking about making John lists public as a way to block the bill, but the consensus is that they are too principled to do such a thing.

The Duffy cheque and the bizarre legal position Bill C-36 creates illustrate how confused the Harper Government has become in its old age. It can’t seem to keep its ducks in a row.

The Duffy trial is almost certain to overshadow the run-up to the fall 2015 federal election, Duffy has hinted that he is out for revenge, and Canadian media are preparing for a feeding frenzy as PMO officials and even the PM himself are called to testify.

The only clear road to another term for Stephen Harper involves a period of hazardous employment for Mr. Duffy’s food taster.


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