The Vandusen Botanical Garden

May 7, 2014

Today we walked to the only used book store we could find in the area where I happened to mention Farley Mowatt’s recent death to Charlie and found myself in a conversation with a Mowatt fan from Cape Breton of about my age who had not heard the news. She was astounded when I mentioned that he’d been just shy of his 93rd birthday. She’d lost track of time, and had him perpetually at 68.

Then we rode buses to the Vandusen Botanical Garden and lost ourselves in its carefully nurtured and fully labelled wilderness.

On a walk the other night we had seen a mystery tree towering over a Grey Point Road mansion. It had looked like a Norway spruce with dreadlocks, and the online guides to trees in Kitsalano provided little help.

But we found a couple of the strange trees at the end of our tour of the Gardens and I was lucky enough to buttonhole the man who had planted the Peruvian monkey puzzle tree ten years ago. He explained that the Patagonian tree grows well in Vancouver, and that in the ten years this tree had doubled its height.

Mission accomplished, but Bet is now smitten with rhodedendrons. Enjoy Charlie Croskery’s photos.


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