The Death of Cursive Writing

March 18, 2014

I have just finished reading an article in the Toronto Star which bemoans the end of elementary school instruction in the fine art of cursive writing.

Personally I welcomed the advent of keyboards because every teacher in my life complained that my handwriting was the worst he/she had ever seen. I even had a prof at Queen’s haul me into his office to read my exam paper to him. He granted the paper an A, which, in comparison to earlier marks on what I considered better performances, made me wonder if the other profs had bothered to read my scribbles at all. The next year take-home exams were the rule at McArthur College, and I cruised through grad school on the strength of my keyboard skills.

During my career as an English teacher and administrator I pioneered the use of computers in the classroom and made a point of having keyboards available for the calligraphy-challenged to write their examinations.

But to return to the subject of the Star article: I would suggest that cursive writing comes naturally to boys raised in Canada. Try to print your name in the snow sometime.


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