February 12, 2014

“The pain is disproportionate to the pathology.” That’s how the physiotherapist summed up my agony from a slightly strained back. “You’re the third one I have had this week, all snowmobile-related. The other two were from attempting to lift machines frozen into the ice.”

My miscue involved pushing a belly-hung Polaris Ranger off a snowbank while Tony rocked it back and forth from the driver’s seat. I should have simply hooked a tow rope to the thing and eased it off with my pickup truck, but egos were at work here, and on my 63rd birthday I wasn’t about to admit I was no longer 30.

Hence the phsyiotherapy sessions for the next two weeks. The real problem is that the non-prescription backache pills leave me stupid and uninterested in reading or writing. With treatments and the exercises Paul prescribed I’m likely able to quit the pills, though.

Blog entries may be a bit cranky and unkind to overweight and poorly-balanced ice augers for the next couple of days.

Update: 15 February

My back isn’t yet 100%, but I’m pain-free after six days and two treatments. Readily-available physiotherapy is very good for the aging weekend warrior.

22 February

All better, and looking forward to the fun of throwing sand around the icy lanes on the property this morning.


2 Responses to “Ouch!”

  1. Dennis Says:

    Ron, I was setting up my Polaris Ranger TM page and testing the link to here. Sorry about your back. Weekend warrior, huh? Is retirement coming soon or are you one those who is going to stay on the job until the great comet strikes?

    • rodcros Says:


      I admit I used the term lightly, but the pace does pick up around here on weekends when the “warriors” arrive. I guess I’m more inclined to do stupid things when hurried people buzz about. I’ve been retired since November of 2004.


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