Trudeau denies SUN News a year-end interview.

December 17, 2013

In a column today Warren Kinsella bemoans Trudeau’s refusal to talk to Sun News. I offered the following online comment to his empty-chair interview:

Trudeau has built his career on an adversarial relationship with SUN News. His finest moments have come when under attack from the likes of Levant and Lilley. Last spring’s celebrity boxing match would have been nothing without SUN T.V.’s breathless promotion. All of Canada tuned in to SUN for one excruciatingly bad evening until the main event lit up the screen. Then we watched the victorious Trudeau easily outwit the shameless Levant.

But the same night SUN News also broadcast the single image which won Trudeau the Liberal leadership and likely the keys to 24 Sussex: The Kiss. While Brazeau was still gasping in his corner, Sophie burst into the ring and none-too gently embraced her husband. All of Canada saw the passion of this couple, and approved. We realized right then that Sophie and Justin are what we want in a first family.

Their Christmas card reinforced the family-appeal. On the campaign trail the Trudeaus will be very, very hard to beat.

All year SUN News has delivered for JT. We watched another fine moment when Justin calmly carried on a conversation with a companion while completely ignoring a badgering SUN reporter in an extended camera shot. Awesome.

Trudeau can’t jeopardize this thing with SUN News by getting all friendly. He needs Levant, Lilley and the odd vapid reporter as adversaries to make him look good to Canadians.


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