Not another Friday 13th!

December 13, 2013

The second Friday in September this year was really bad, and I have memories of quite a few unfortunate Friday 13ths with which to compare it. So this time I vowed to be especially careful and to avoid all contact with machinery until the day was over or I had accumulated three catastrophes from other sources.

Bad things travel in threes for me on Friday 13th.

So I cowered inside on a beautiful day and waited. Not much was happening. Took the dog for a run in the woods and we came back chilled, but intact. Then I noticed the truck tracks in the driveway. Gas delivery. No problem.

My mother asked me to check the calculations of her propane bill. O.K., disaster #1 for the day. Propane has gone from 57 cents per litre to 75.9 in the year since I installed the furnace.

Speaking of furnaces, Bet checked the oil level in ours and quickly called the fuel company. Apparently they had forgotten about us, and the tank was below 25%. Disaster #2.

An online payment froze up when I pressed “Send” on Paypal. Disaster #3. O.K., I’m set now.

But then I received an email receipt for the payment. Oops… back to waiting for #3 and watching sitcoms. In bed.

Got up to go the the washroom and somehow, I don’t know how, managed to drop my cell phone into the W.C. I immediately rescued the little LG and dried it off while it cycled through its on/off routine. Then it uttered a sad little bleep and died. None of our efforts to revive it produced any reaction. It had shorted out.

That’s my only phone. We don’t have a land line. So now I have to find a replacement for it. That’s about standard for me on Friday the 13th.


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