Candice Bergen apparently thinks her Cornwall audience is stupid.

December 8, 2013

Long Gun Registry poster girl Candice Bergen spoke to supporters in Cornwall recently. The willful stupidity of her comments got my goat.

Conservative MP Candice Bergen:

“Would you want him (Justin Trudeau) to be the principal of your children or grandchildren’s school, much less leading this country?”

(She belittles the teaching profession. It’s one of the highest rated in public esteem, but she pushes the job of school administrator down lower on the scale than that of a politician, one of the lowest rated occupations.)

“I’m deeply concerned with this movement that somehow marijuana isn’t harmful and it doesn’t hurt our kids,” said Bergen.

(Bergen doesn’t quite commit libel here, but in the context of her earlier comment, she’s clearly attempting to tar Trudeau with this made-up brush.)

This juxtaposition of images is deceitful in that it drags the reader into accepting that JT wants to give marijuana to school children — a favourite Tory meme. Bergen willfully ignores Trudeau’s frequent references to the research on marijuana’s psychotic effect upon growing brains.

JT firmly believes that marijuana is bad for kids, particularly for adolescent boys with ADD and ADDHD, because that’s what the research says. Trudeau wants to take the underworld out of the cannabis market so that there can be reasonable controls on access to the product. He wants to get the drugs out of the schools as much as any grandparent.

Bergen and the Conservatives know this, but they willfully dumb their arguments down to black and white because they believe their supporters are too stupid to understand Trudeau’s reasoned argument and they can benefit from that stupidity.

What’s more, Bergen may be right:


One Response to “Candice Bergen apparently thinks her Cornwall audience is stupid.”

  1. Doug Cottrell Says:

    Conservative MP for Portage-Lisgar (Manitoba) and Minister of State for Social Development Candace Bergen met in the Cornwall Legion for the local Conservative association 2013 fall breakfast.

    Originally scheduled for the more upscale Best Western Lodge and Conference center it had to be moved when the association president pointed out that all our boys are at the legion anyway and most are still sleeping it off in the Legion chairs on Saturday morning.

    The meeting got off to a great start with a speech using the now common “Back in Time” strategy which combines the benefits of warm nostalgia with capitalizing on the failing memories of the target audience. Bergen began with a lengthy dissertation of issues with the long-gun registry. The outrage stirred the Legion Conservatives to a near fever pitch – three woke up and one asked to be excused to the men’s room.

    Unfortunately during the Q&A one person unauthorized to be present, a recently immigrated Filipino janitor, innocently stated that he had heard the long-gun registry was legislated out of existence long ago. Minister Bergen replied “I have been perfectly clear on that issue – there WILL be pizza for brunch” and called a brief recess. Unconfirmed reports have her placed at the back of the Legion on her cell phone “just touching base” with Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Chris Alexander.

    Ms. Bergen made a compelling case for non-legalization and continued prohibition on the production and use of marijuana. She pointed out to those present, many of whom nodded in agreement from personal experience, at the many benefits of Prohibition. The speakeasy kept alcohol away from children, allowed an important industry to flourish in troubled times, and provided an extremely stable and reliable flow of under-the-table funding to the party and MPs. Likewise for the Prohibition on marijuana in this century. As she summarized, “without Prohibition our hush money payoffs from the biker gangs would drop like a stone.”

    The members in attendance many of whom, during honorable Military service had been stationed in or traveled to the Far East, Middle East and Northern Europe agreed that the use of marijuana was detestable and swore that they had never used it or even if they had they couldn’t remember as it was only while they were in a dazed stupor on Hashish or Opium.

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