After a week of scandal

October 25, 2013

The inner workings of the Conservative regime are gradually coming into view as the pond of public trust is drained. What the media are showing us is the opposite of what the propaganda has led us to believe: instead of an honest, accountable government in the interests of taxpayers, we see a gaggle of scavengers picking at the bones of the Canadian State, and turning on each other without scruple.

In this context it is little wonder that the large military acquisitions contracts have fallen apart: these guys don’t have a vision beyond their own immediate wants. We’re seeing what Michael Ignatieff termed a “biker gang government” in operation as the Senate scandal unfolds.

If the comments posted in online newspaper articles on the subject are any indicator, Canadians still care about the greater good, human rights, and due process of justice. We are disappointed that Stephen Harper has emerged as a charmless, self-centred despot, and are rapidly concluding that the truth is not in him.

Amid this hubbub all Justin Trudeau has to do to appear statesmanlike is stand still in a corridor and directly answer a few questions from reporters. And that’s what he does.


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