Eve Adams and her shampoo

June 12, 2013

One of the cleverer bits we’ve seen lately from the Conservatives is the recent Michael Jackson-like dangling of Eve Adams off the balcony over the bus lane. The issue of $2700 in questionable grooming expenses during her 2011 campaign has set the media hounds off after another case of Conservative malfeasance, only to run into luscious visuals and a highly sympathetic Ms Adams who in fact spent most of the questioned funds on sitters for her 8 year-old son during long days of campaigning. She also claims to have bought soap and mouthwash for her volunteers.

Eve Adams is no Mike Duffy, and she is certainly no Bev Oda. No doubt viewers will be happy for the Adams thing to fill TV screens for a while, just because viewers will enjoy this pleasant distraction as an alternative to the ugly, less well-groomed faces we usually get to watch.

But the Eve Adams trail is a false scent. It’s time for their editors to head the hounds off and get them back to work.


One Response to “Eve Adams and her shampoo”

  1. Tony Says:

    Yes, set the hounds on Mack Harb, the LIBERAL senator who’s been bilking the taxpayers for years … $219K and counting !!!

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