Bush hogging with the Kubota B7510 (continued)

June 12, 2013

When I bought a 48″ offshore rotary mower for my Bolens G174 I didn’t know any better but to use the same system of chains it used on the 48″ Woods 3 pt hitch finish mower to maintain cutting height while in operation. I just added a couple of appropriate chains to the front corners of the bush hog and away I went. Then when I lowered the hoist, the mower was sure to stop at the preset height. The system was crude, but quite effective. Larger tractors have more complex presets for height on their 3 pt hitch controls than the little ones, which basically lift up and down.

When the Kubota B7510 came along and I started to use it on the bush hog I discovered I had to fiddle with the hoist to get the proper height for mowing around my little trees. It would hold a position pretty well, but if I lifted to vault over a rock or make a tight turn, I’d have to reset the height by trial and error. I couldn’t figure out an easy way to preset the height of the cut on this model. Newer B-series tractors have a more sophisticated height setting system.

Today I took the Woods chain cleats off the Bolens and attached them to the pin which holds the upper end of the top link on the Kubota. The chains from the rotary mower will fit the larger tractor. Now I can hop the mower over an obstruction and return to the preset height of cut without undue attention to the operation.

Last week I ordered a second set of the chain plates to replace the set off the Bolens from Steensma Lawn and Mower Equipment in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Woods still stocks them.




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