The Shelly Glover thing: enough, already!

June 11, 2013

Shelly Glover is supposed to be suspended from her position of Member of Parliament for a clear election rules violation. So the Conservatives stall the suspension with the help of a compliant Speaker. Fine, a bit of foot-dragging, but little real harm if she keeps her head down.

But then in her legally crippled state, Nicholson puts her on the selection committee for a Supreme Court Judge? That task is the most sensitive choice a government must make, and Harper has the sheer effrontery to stick a defrocked M.P. (who may face jail time or loss of her position) on the panel to rub our faces in his excrement??? I felt physically ill when I realized the sheer contempt for the traditions and even the law of Canada these guys feel.

Harper and his caucus have gone way past the pale of civil interaction with those outside their tribe. All that matters now is that the hubris of the Leader be accommodated by everyone, at all costs.

With Glover in her current state of judicial limbo, anybody who would put her on this committee (to choose the very Justice who may well decide her fate as an M.P.) does not deserve to govern Canada. This has to end.


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