Harper’s credibility has snapped like a dry twig.

May 21, 2013

With yesterday’s insufferable speech to the Conservative caucus Stephen Harper’s credibility has snapped like a dry twig. But can anyone imagine him stepping down for the good of the party?

I watched a bit of Question Period on CPAC. John Baird seemed to have a lot of fun deflecting Opposition attacks on the clearly indefensible subject of Duffygate. Likely he was reciting the Kipling poem If to himself while smiling his way through the single talking point.

After Harper’s weak response to the senate scandal and absence from the House on a critical day, Baird may see his opening.*

How did they dump Margaret Thatcher, anyway?

It just looks as though John Baird, Justin Trudeau and Thomas Mulcair might make for an interesting race in 2015.

UPDATE, May 24, 2013

Maybe Baird isn’t the one. His hilarious slip of tongue has gone viral on You Tube, carrying with it a miasma of other clips which make the guy out to be a bully and a cad.


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