Kent caves in on Lockage Fees

May 14, 2013

UPDATE: It’s important to note the careful wording of this press release. Lockage fees are indeed frozen until after the election. All other fees have remained at the originally announced rates, though, including daytime docking fees at locks and overnight mooring rates.

Margaret Brand of the Review-Mirror forwarded me an article in which Peter Kent’s department proudly reverses the Parks Canada fee schedule back to 2008 figures for the next three years. I’ll find a link, but it’s likely all over the Internet by now.

The document Margaret copied to me appears to be a press release, so I’ll drop it below:


Harper Government freezes recreational lockage fees for three years

Parks Canada to work with stakeholders to identify long term sustainability solutions for the historic canals

OTTAWA, May 14, 2013 /CNW/ – The Honourable Peter Kent, Canada’s Environment Minister and Minister responsible for Parks Canada, today announced that recreational lockage fees along Canada’s historic canals will remain frozen for the next three years at 2008 levels.

“Since the beginning of our consultation process on canal fees, we have been committed to listening and acting in the best interests of the residents who live, work and visit our canals,” said Minister Kent. “We recognize the importance of canals to Canada’s heritage, the tourism industry and the thousands of people who use them each year. That is why following consultations with Government Members of Caucus who live along the canals, I am pleased to announce that Parks Canada will freeze lockage fees for three years.”

“During this time, Parks Canada and I will work with local Members of Parliament, community leaders and the tourism industry to develop and implement an improved operating model to ensure the long term financial sustainability of the canals operations. These long term solutions will need to address all aspects of the canals operations.”

As part of the long-term financial sustainability of the canals operations, Parks Canada is already considering new visitor opportunities that will benefit a broad range of canals users, and create new sources of revenue, all while maintaining support for our tourism operators and industry.

SOURCE: Parks Canada
For further information:

Office of the Minister of the Environment

Media Relations
Parks Canada 819-953-8371


One Response to “Kent caves in on Lockage Fees”

  1. Audrey Waterbury Romasco Says:

    Yes, but the new moorage fees continue to be under review, supposedly to be decided on sometime in 2013.

    New daytime fees of .50/ft would still discourage day travelers from stopping and patronizing local businesses.

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