And now the ten percenter’s

April 24, 2013

Reporter Glen McGregor just broke a story that the Conservative Resource Group is circulating a pair of mock-ups for 10 percenter ads to Conservative MPs for distribution in their ridings. The circulars take their cue from the Conservative attack ads directed against Justin Trudeau.

According to the leaked copy McGregor posted, all the MPs have to do to ensure the delivery of these attacks on the new Liberal leader to households in their federal ridings is to initial the space and identify the name of the riding’s signing officer.

For $174 for 40,000 households, Conservative MPs will no doubt see this as a bargain in comparison to conventional TV ad buys.

Of course the MPs’ budgets come from taxes, not from political contributions, so they would be funding attacks upon a political rival with public funds. This is nothing new for this government, of course.


2 Responses to “And now the ten percenter’s”

  1. Tony Says:

    Attack ads are nothing new for any of our Canadian Political parties, you just choose to pick on the one currently in power.

    Selective memory …………..

    • rodcros Says:

      Yeah, but political advertising used to be paid for by the political parties. It wasn’t funded from general revenues. The ten percenters are paid from MPs’ budgets for running their ridings, and these attack ads in pamphlet form are without doubt partisan politics.

      This is a new low and a dangerous precedent.

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