Hilarious attack ad: they took it down, but I remember it.

April 18, 2013

Today Jenni Byrne, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s communications officer, tried to spin the public reaction to the attack ads directed at Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau as “a runaway success.” She’s even asking every Conservative to contribute $25 to continue the program.

I would suspect the website showing the attack ads is experiencing the kind of interest normally saved for crashed cars at the side of the road, but who am I to judge?

I wonder how she’ll spin this contribution from a London radio London 96TheTube?

The original ad opens with a rather sinister shot of a moustached Justin Trudeau, footage and lettering no doubt taken from the Conservative attack ad using footage of the Canadian Liver Foundation Benefit (which was originally pilfered from Huffington Post Canada). As I recall it tossed in the “In over his head” phrase in silly lettering to create the impression that this is another of the series of Conservative attack ads. A voice as smarmy and insinuating as the Conservative narrator intones: “Justin Trudeau is young, fit, strong, with great hair” (accompanied by pictures of Justin in various states of attire).

But then the ad suggests that Canadians must not vote for Justin Trudeau: “Do you want, for the next four years, your wife wanting to have sex with the Prime Minister? (more glamour shots of JT). (Pause for effect). Vote Stephen Harper.” (An unflattering, full body shot of Stephen Harper comes up on the screen.

An all-white, but recognizable CPC logo appears: “This ad is a production of the Conservative Party and is sponsored by Conservative Nerds for Stephen Harper.” Or some such, mimicking the U.S. attack ad format, complete with a giggling voice in the voice-over.

The ad spoof no doubt infuriates Harper’s Myrmidons, as it effectively denies him place. It infers that nobody’s wife would want to have sex with Stephen Harper, whereas Justin Trudeau is so attractive that no man in Canada can feel secure in his marriage.

It’s a classic reductio ad absurdum device, except that it not only defuses the other attack ads’ attempts to deny Trudeau place, this one impinges upon Harper’s place as well by questioning his manhood.

The revised ad loses a great deal of its punch, but no doubt prevents a lot of unpleasant things happening to the London radio station.




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