Attack ad resisters donate $336,000 to LPC after first two ads come out.

April 17, 2013

According to The Canadian Press, I’m far from the only grouchy old white guy who is put off by attack ads.



Unintended consequences: Tory attack ads fuel donations to Liberal party

By: The Canadian Press

Posted: 3:22 PM | Comments: 2 | Last Modified: 3:56 PM

OTTAWA – Conservative attack ads against Justin Trudeau have turned into a financial boon for the Liberal party.
The party raised $336,000 in the 48 hours following Trudeau’s landslide victory in the Liberal leadership race Sunday.

Officials say that’s more than double the party’s previous top haul for an e-mail fundraising campaign.
They say the donations poured in after two back-to-back mass email solicitations that urged Liberals to fight back against Conservative attacks.


Allison Cross
17 April, 2013
The National Post

Donations to liver foundation surge after Tories’ ‘striptease’ attack ad against Trudeau


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