Attack ads, again.

April 15, 2013

It’s no secret that I hate attack ads. From this page I have raged at Harper’s minions and at the culture which rewards such rot with political success. I even turned on Michael Ignatieff when he went negative in response to the ad blitz designed to destroy his reputation and standing among Canadians.

And now Harper has started again. This time it may be defensive: it’s beat Trudeau down or resign, if one is to believe the polls.

But this time I won’t bother to rant.

In response to the first Conservative attack ad I have just sent the Liberal Party of Canada a donation of $20. I’ll do the same for every new ad brought to my attention, up to my legal maximum donation.

I invite others who hate attack ads to join me in this attempt to clean up this rot in our culture.


Just saw a second attack ad. Away goes another $20 to the Trudeau War Chest.

Update April 16, 2013:

The response of the Trudeau team was an interesting one. Justin strolled out and held an informal scrum with reporters in the corridor of the House of Commons. He answered questions about the attack ads with good humour and wit, taking his time to turn the tables on his attackers (You don’t support The Liver Foundation?), and made the news on You-Tube, if not nationwide, with his 8 1/2 minute, cost-free rebuttal.

All eyes had been on Question Period this day, but it turned into a non-event. The major fail of the day was when the Conservatives gave Justin an excuse to go face-to-face with Canadians at supper hour. The overnight poll shot the Liberals to 43%.

Not bad for someone who is in over his head, eh?


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