The Robertson Family fantasy

March 29, 2013

Speaking of political humour, the Robertson Family is sweeping the TV world with their Louisiana reality show Duck Dynasty. Just occurred to me: I have yet to see a black face in any episode, even when there are crowd scenes. Here I thought everybody was getting hooked on the simple virtue of a Baptist minister’s extended family. Now I’m beginning to suspect it’s this fantasy white world where there’s a 12 gauge solution for any beavers and snakes which get in their way.

On the other hand a quick look online showed that some white supremacists are furious over the presence on the show of Willie and Korie Robertson’s adopted South American son, whom they describe as black. What??

Anyway, there are lots of websites detailing the family of Willie and Korie Robertson. Initially childless, they adopted Lil Will at birth. Then twins John Luke and Sadie came along. Teen-aged Rebecca stayed on after living with the Robertsons during an exchange from Taiwan. Then there’s the youngest girl, Bella.

So maybe the show’s success is because it’s been co-opted by viewers who project their own prejudices upon it, but it doesn’t look as though that’s the Robertsons’ doing.

The fantasy which pervades the episodes remains that of a large, loving family, joined at the table each evening for a meal while Phil says grace. Not bad T.V., actually.

UPDATE, 27 February, 2014

On a hunch I bought Phil Robertson’s autobiography “Happy, Happy, Happy” and read the first two chapters to my 87-year-old mother. She was hooked by Phil’s homespun tales, and read through the rest of the book quickly, with evident enjoyment. That’s the first secular book I’ve ever seen my mother read.


One Response to “The Robertson Family fantasy”

  1. owenobs Says:

    Wrote a response: Reality…hahahahaha… “And now it appears a second plane is heading toward the Twin Towers…but first, this message from our sponsors… The old adage “Believe half-of-what-you-see” does NOT apply to TV…or anything that can be Photoshopped. Yesterday “NEWS” is now fully dressed as InfoTainment…think “Hunger Games” 24/7.

    BTW – How’s the book doing?
    Jack *************

    Then, below my name and email field was a “website” field already filled in called Gravatar, which I replaced with MINE: “it” required a password in order to forward/post my response. I think these website wallahs and programmer geeks spend more time creating problems which then require THEM to solve ’em. Bah!! HavaHappyDay

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