Parks Canada Fees to go way up.

January 14, 2013

This is just out.

Speaking as a boater, I think that this fee schedule will reduce the amount boaters use their vessels on the Rideau. Westport Harbour can’t fail to suffer from a system which punishes the boater financially every time he even ties up at a lock, let alone passes through it. The 100% surcharge will ruin tour boat operators. I guess fishing guides will also qualify as commercial vessels, so each return lockage will cost the guide about $28.00.

These fees will substantially reduce traffic and dock occupancy on the Canal. I’d say it’s effectively a lockout by Parks Canada in response to draconian cuts to the Trent-Severn and Rideau budgets to fund new parks in the north and west. Only if the public makes enough trouble to threaten the Harper Government politically will they raise the Rideau Canal budget back to a reasonable level.

Review-Mirror reporter Margaret Brand sent along the revised Parks Canada FAQ page:


3 Responses to “Parks Canada Fees to go way up.”

  1. Ken Says:

    WOW! What a shocker this one is. This fee will cost me $30.00 for a nice boat ride from Newboro to Westport to spend an afternoon shopping. I’ll drive over and save the money! This is going to kill the Canal very quickly. I hope Ontario comes to it’s senses and changes this proposed crazy idea.

  2. rodcros Says:


    This is the Harper Government’s decision, not Ontario’s. Anxious to greenwash the oil sands, the prime minister has opened two parks in the west and decided to fund them by making huge cuts to the budgets of the Rideau Canal and the Trent-Severn Waterway.

    The Parks Canada response is a bit passive-aggressive, but they’ve been put in an impossible position by the Harper Government.


    • Ken Says:

      Rod, Sorry for the mistake. Does your Prime Minister have any idea what this will do to tourism all along the Rideau Canal along with many jobs lost. We,in the States are going thru our problems with the budget,spending and gun control. We are in a gridlock between the two parties. I can only assume that Ontario does not have the political power that it once had. It’s sad because by the summer of 2014 it’s going to be ghost towns at the Lock Stations. This whole deal has probably been in the works for years judging by the repairs that have been delayed at numerous Lock Stations along the system. Hopefully those in power will come to their senses and change these fees.

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