A lesson from the Storm

October 31, 2012

Some of U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s ads ridicule Barack Obama for never holding a job apart from the low-status role of community organizer.

But when New Jersey floods and catches fire, the New York subways are flooded, the Stock Market shuts down because it’s under 3′ of water and electrical transformers explode all over Manhattan as salt water corrups the power grid,  the path to recovery runs through the office of the American President.

This week Americans face the question:  whom do you want in a disaster, a highfalutin venture capitalist or a lowly community organizer?

Look at the steady hand Obama has shown in the early stages of the emergency.  He looks as though he was born to do this.

CNN has painted Romney as increasingly irrelevant to the immediate needs of Americans.  His negative comment about FEMA in early days of the campaign has come back to haunt the Republican candidate.  George Bush bungled Katerina relief and deeply damaged FEMA’s reputation.  We’ll see how Obama handles the storm’s aftermath.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie may have tilted the election with his outright approval of Obama’s support for the people of New Jersey, but if ever there was a time for pragmatism in America, the time is now.

It took World War II to restore the North American economy after the Great Depression.  Hurricane Sandy has provided the consumption of a major war, only without the loss of  life.  There will be reconstruction jobs for Americans over the next year.


One Response to “A lesson from the Storm”

  1. Tom Stutzman Says:

    You asked the question, and my answer is I’ll take Romney to fix what needs fixing, and that includes recovering from Sandy.

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