Jason Kenney’s Creepy Email

September 24, 2012

OTTAWA — An email extolling the Conservative government’s record on gay rights has some recipients wondering how Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney knows their sexual orientation.

The email from Kenney’s MP’s office sent Friday trumpets the Conservative government’s initiative to help and gay and lesbian refugees, particularly in Iran.

The message was titled “LGBT Refugees from Iran” and was addressed “Dear Friend.” It referred to efforts by Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird “to promote basic freedoms around the word, to take a stand against the persecution of gays and lesbians.” It also provided links to media reporting on the Conservatives’ efforts to protect LGBT refugees.

The email appears to have been targeted to the addresses of people who are openly gay. 

Ottawa Citizen writer Glen McGregor suggested in his story that he would like to know how Kenney’s office got the list.


Yep, it would be really interesting to get an answer from the PMO or Kenney’s office on how they made the selections for this mailing list.

Let’s see:
-Signals Intelligence monitoring Internet and cell phone traffic?  Possible, but highly illegal and lacking deniability.  Potential trouble with the Cousins (Britain and U.S.) over security breach.
-Police and other officials jumping the gun on Vic’s surveillance legislation?  Probable, but so unconstitutional as to get the courts in an uproar.  Serious demonstrations fodder.
-Mailing list purchased from vendors serving the LGBT community?  Legal, but embarrassing for the victim and a sure vote-loser.
-RCMP files of university students who attended demonstrations?  Very ’70s and illegal even then, but the Mounties aren’t known for their strict adherence to the straight and narrow path.
-Photos of Gay Pride parades coupled with facial recognition software?
-Trojan horse question on polls identifying LGBT sympathies, sold to PMO.

And the answer likely is:

-Census data:  same-sex adults occupying a dwelling.

And the real question is how much money extracted from the tithes of social conservative Canadians has been spent to cozy up to the LGBT community?

Any others?

Glen McGregor posted an update.  The names and email addresses were “plucked” from an online petition.

Richmond had never directly emailed Kenney’s office, she was one of nearly 10,000 people who electronically signed a 2011 online petition supporting a gay artist from Nicaragua, who was then facing deportation.


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  1. Tony Says:

    And your point is …. !!!!????

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