Conservative M.P. finds a new low

April 13, 2012

Because about two-thirds of this blog’s readers are from the United States, I’m a little embarrassed by the report below. It’s important to emphasize, however, that not all Canadians are as stupid and tasteless as New Brunswick MP John Williamson.

Not surprisingly, the Federal Conservatives have dropped in polls in the last week, particularly in Quebec where they’re down to 11% of decided women voters. The gun registry, whose destruction Williamson was celebrating in the quote listed below, was set up in memory of the fourteen young women killed in 1989 by Marc Lepine at l’Ecole Polytechnique, an engineering school of the University of Montreal.

The mud from the barrage of lies to Canadians about F-35 costs during an election campaign, the Robo-call scandals attempting to suppress non-Conservative votes, the blundering attempt at Internet surveillance put forth in the name of protecting children from child pornography in Bill C-30, and now the tasteless triumphalism in the House of Commons about the destruction of the Long Gun Registry — it has finally begun to stick to Stephen Harper and his thugs.

The following is a letter to the National Post, 11 April, 2012.

Dishonouring MLK’s dream

On Aug. 23, 1963, civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. gave one of the greatest speeches of the 20th century, ‘I Have A Dream,” to 200,000 people during the historic March On Washington.
Last Thursday, one day after the 44th anniversary of Dr. King’s assassination by an unregistered long gun, John Williamson, Conservative MP for New Brunswick Southwest, rose in the house, and with fiery bluster shouted, “Free at last, free at last,” while fellow Conservatives cheered as they celebrated the end of the long-gun registry.
No words can describe the lack of respect and decency exhibited by the “Honourable” Mr. Williams and those who applauded his comments, as he subverted one of the most famous passages from Dr. King’s speech, given moments before he was felled in the prime of life by a bullet from an unregistered long gun.
I can only hope that after the next election, the 61% of Canadians who did not vote Conservative can also proclaim: “Free at last, free at last, praise the Lord, we’re free at last.”

Al Yolles, Toronto.

With characteristic restraint the Hansard parliamentary transcript reporter truncated Williamson’s comment to “free at last” and left it at that. But CBC reporter Kadie O’Malley reports that Williamson was not to be denied. He went back into the official record and replaced the discreet omission with, “Free at last! Free at last! Law abiding Canadians are now free at last!”

Members of the Harper regime often seem unclear on the concept of standing upon the shoulders of giants. They come across a lot more like primates in a cage, soiling all they touch.

I don’t like plagiarists.


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