Trudeau vs Brazeau fight, March 31st

March 31, 2012

Sun TV had exclusive coverage of the charity fight, and this meant viewers were stuck for a full evening with two talking heads at the front of the screen and various unidentified boxers whaling away at each other in the background. If there was any organization to the program, I didn’t notice it. For example the two didn’t talk boxing, or charity either, for that matter. In fact host Ezra Levant’s attempts at humour made me think back fondly to the blond guy Garth on Wayne’s World. Sun TV milked every minute of its evening with multiple viewers by ranting on about how wonderful they are. It reminded me of getting caught at a wake with a particularly obnoxious distant family member. I just wished the men would fight and get it over so I would never have to watch channel 517 again.

Then came the boxers. Patrick Brazeau looked bloodthirsty. Justin Trudeau looked totally focused on something, and it wasn’t the crowds around him.

At the bell Brazeau tore into Trudeau. Justin had to fend him off with open hands when he got too close. But after a couple of brutal flurries, Trudeau’s jabs started to find their mark and keep the stronger man away. He survived the first round. Trudeau came out with heavy jabs to begin the second round, and after the first minute, Brazeau was beaten. Trudeau stalked him around the ring. Brazeau got off his chair reluctantly to face the third, and only rose when chided by his opponent.

Two standing eight-counts and Trudeau had Brazeau cornered and was hitting him at will, and they weren’t light jabs to score points. They were roundhouse rights intended to put his opponent down, just the punches Brazeau unleashed on Trudeau in the first round until his arms gave out. Trudeau proved to all that he can take a hard combination, he has stamina, and all of Canada saw his killer instinct as he closed in on the weakening Brazeau. Trudeau seemed to be the only one in the arena not eager for the ref to stop the fight.

So Liberal scion Justin Trudeau beat the stuffings out of Harper’s boy-senator.

It’ll be interesting to see how the PMO spins this one. The wrong guy won, and by a knockout.


One Response to “Trudeau vs Brazeau fight, March 31st”

  1. David Says:

    A surprising turn of events. After everything people have said regarding Justin loosing, he certainly deserved this.

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