Late-season shallow water largemouths

October 11, 2011

Last week on an evening fishing trip I was skunked for the first time this season, so I concluded that the bass must have moved to deep water and that would be it for fishing with heavy tackle and artificial worms for this year.  But after catching nothing on Sunday, Tony limited out on Monday afternoon in shallow water.

He sent me specific directions to a spot with bass, so I ventured out at noon today, and surely enough, he had left me a fine three-pounder under a clump of weeds fifty yards from shore, just as he had said.  I worked around that area and picked up ten fish, of which I kept another four.

But then when I tried to top up my limit at a couple of other spots, I discovered that there weren’t any more fish to be had, anywhere.  All of the likely-looking weed patches were empty.  Not even a bluegill would bite at my bait.

This was an expedition for the table, so I kept the five largemouth and cleaned them up.  Then came the big surprise.  They were all empty.  The only stomach contents I could find were a parcel of leg bones from a bullfrog in one bass’s gut.

I have always thought bass went deep to avoid the cold.  Maybe it’s to find food.  These stragglers hadn’t done very well in the last week.  Of course they might have just gone off their feed because of the full moon.  Must study this further.


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