Score one for the Ranger

August 29, 2011

I heard the calls from up on the hill.  A dog was on the loose.  Calls continued.  Good lungs on that woman.  Then I saw Joe hiking across the north end of the property, headed for Crosby.  I hopped into the Ranger and ran across the field to him.  My neighbour happily accepted the offer of the UTV because last time he had used it he scoured the countryside for a half hour and eventually found the bearded collie behind Baker’s Tires in Forfar.

Away he went down the paved road, covering fields on the way, until he disappeared into Forfar.  His wife walked down across the field to our driveway, covered in burrs. We picked them off and dropped them in the burn barrel on the way by.  Elaine looks as though her new lifestyle is sitting well with her.  Both the she and Joe retired last year from Rideau Distict High School in Elgin.

“We were just back from a reading, sitting in the sunroom which is cut off from the rest of the house.  Just as we thought about making dinner, I realized it was a bit quiet in the house.  The wind had blown the door open.  Two dogs were missing, and we had no idea for how long.”

Elaine and I chatted for a while as we strolled out the driveway to the road, then she perked up and took off in mid-sentence on a sprint up the road:  she had heard one of her dogs.  The lady was making pretty good time up that long, steep hill.  Then I saw her throw up her arms in celebration.  One dog found.  She was still doing her victory dance when I saw the roll bar of the Ranger appear over the crest of the hill from the Hwy. 15 side.  Joe had the other dog.

A couple of minutes later they brought the Ranger back.  Joe explained, “She was walking down the centre line of Highway 15, so I went after her with the Ranger, stopped traffic, and got her.  The new pup was waiting in the driveway when I got home.”

Joe’s rapid 4-mile circuit down concession roads and along the highway quite possibly saved the life of one of their prized bearded collies.  Score one for the Ranger.


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