Where did the stimulus funds go in Leeds-Grenville?

April 13, 2011

Mark King, legislative assistant to Leeds-Grenville MP Gord Brown, sent along the following list in response to my request for details of the expenditures under the Economic Stimulus Package of the last two years.  Burnbrae is a large egg producer.  The provincial government kicked in $.9 million as well to the purchase of egg processing equipment.  If you look on Google Earth for the North Grenville Public Library you find a photo of a parking lot.  4 million dollars later, Kemptville has a lovely library.

Your tax dollars at work.


Here are the major infrastructure projects.

Over $100 million is all in  feds, province and municipality.

Most of these are three way funding and this shows our numbers only unless otherwise indicated.

$23 million in 09 budget – leveraged to $69 million

$33 million wharf replacement at Port of Prescott ($11.6 from feds)

$5.694 million Maritime Discovery Center

$4.9 million Merrickville Sewage Plant

$1.55 million storm water project Leeds and 1000 islands

$133,333 Rideau Lakes Golf Club Road

$200,417 North Grenville Roundabout

$66,667 Westport waterworks

09 Further and 10

$60,000 Herbert Street Extension Study – Gan

$60,000 Textron Building repurposing – Gan

$50,000 Heritage Ciultural Branding – Gan

$4 million – North Grenville Library

$1.8 million – Boundary Road rebuilt North Grenville

$635,000 North Augusta Firehall

$222,000 Elizabethtown-Kitley industrial park access road

$23 million Brockville water pollution control

$2.3 million – Brock Street Gan

$4.4 million Cty Rds 2 and 5

$1.1 million sewer separation in Brockville

$45,000 Charleston lake Provincial Park improvements

$50,000 Prescott Tank Insulation

$73,333 Prescott Gravity Sewer

$38,333 Prescott Water system asbestos removal

RINC $1,055,161 million across LG

$217,223 – Memorial Centre

$210,000 – Youth Arena

$38,115 – Brockville Rowing Club

$8,667 – Brockville District Baseball Association

$325,000 – Gan Arena

$63,603 – Pool in Prescott upgrades

$45,833 – Eliz Kitley – washroom and other park upgrades

$23,333 Eliz-Kitley – Clifford Hall restoration

$51,637 – Rideau lakes – Kin Park restoration

$20,640 – Rideau lakes – day camp

$8,700 – Rideau lakes – Delta Rec Center

$11,797 – Rideau lakes – main service centre renos

$10,267 – Augusta – tennis courts renos

$61,250 – North Grenville curling club roof


$489,000 – electronics refurbishing facility in Brockville

$72,274 Rideau Valley Conservation Authority

$1.6 million loan to Burnbrae


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